Renoir Wooden Brush Box

  • This natural plain pencil case has a lovely solid traditional design with sliding lid. It comes in plain unfinished wood, so is ideal as it is or a great opportunity to customize and personalize.
  • Perfect for home or work use, leave them just as they are or they can be decorated with paint, varnish, mosaic, pyrography, decoupage, engraved etc.
  • This lovely traditional wooden box is designed to fit your collection of pencils, brushes or pens
  • Plain rectangular wooden sliding lid pencil box, made from beautiful pale wood with a low grain
  • Ideal for storage of pencils, pens, rulers or other small items
  • The Wooden Brush Box is made from quality wood and has a strong construction. It is lightly varnished, versatile and useful for all levels of artist.
  • 10.5 x 38 x 3.3 cm