Archival Oils Pure Gum Turpentine


Archival Oils Pure Gum Turpentine is a solvent used for oil painting. It is created by distilling the sap from the Pinus Massoniana Tree. This natural product is used for the thinning of oil paints oil varnishes enamels and cleaning brushes. 

When added to oil paint it will increase the drying time and create a  more matte finish. 

To clean oil paint out of brushes, our the Pure Gum Turpentine into a jar, rinse the brushes then dry with a cloth. To use in painting, first mi with oil paints then apply to your surface. Can be used in any ratio, the more Pure Gum Turpentine added the fast the drying time and the more matte the finish. To create a versatile oil painting medium mix 2 parts Pure Gum Turpentine with 1 Part Refined Linseed Oil.