Liquitex Silver Metallic Medium 237mL


Give your paint a metallic silver effect, or use on its own to add silver surface highlights. Designed for use with acrylic paints and mediums.

What it does

  • Gives acrylic colour a metallic silver luster

  • Adds shimmery silver surface highlights when used straight from the bottle

  • Extends your colour without affecting acrylic stability

  • Slows drying time to help you get more subtle colour blends

  • Lowers the viscosity of heavier body paints, making them a little bit thinner

How to use it

  • Slowly stir as much as you like into acrylic colour to get the metallic shimmer and viscosity you want - transparent colours give the best results

  • Squeeze from the bottle and paint on neat for a semi-opaque silver effect

  • Fully compatible with all Liquitex products

How not to use it

  • If bubbles appear when stirring, leave to sit while they rise and disappear

  • Do not over-shake