Michael Harding Non Absorbent Acrylic Primer 500ml


Do you want oil paint colours that look as though you’ve just brushed them onto the canvas? Then properly prepare your support by using my Non-Absorbent Acrylic Primer (NAAP).

This product is non-absorbent and will provide a strong bond to the layers of paint with enough tooth not to feel greasy.

NAAP may be used on a variety of supports. NAAP may even be applied over inexpensive, standard, primed canvasses to render them non-absorbent!


NAAP may be applied to linen, wood, MDF, and other supports to produce a strong, flexible, permanent, and highly pigmented ground. It’s suitable as a ground for both acrylic and oil paint.

Do not apply over rabbit skin/hide glue or to unsound, flimsy supports such as cardboard.

Note this is a primer, not a gesso. Gessoes, sizes, or other ancillary products are unnecessary alongside NAAP.



  • Apply 2 coats to your support, covering generously.
  • If you desire increased flow, dilute with 1 part water, 4 parts NAAP.
  • Apply a second coat once the first coat is touch dry (approximately 1 hour).