Art Spectrum Yupo Translucent Pad A3 85gsm 10 Sheets


Art Spectrum Translucent Pad 85 GSM 10 Sheets

This Yupo paper is made synthetically using biomass resin sourced from plants such as sugar canes, reducing CO2 emissions, and creating a sleek canvas for your next creations. Yupo paper has a non-porous surface that repels water, with a non-absorbent, ultra-smooth finish and superior strength.
The paper is 85 gsm, making it suitable for the paints and pencils you use to create your masterpieces. It's A3 in size, making it great for creating flyers or small posters.
This is A3 in size 10 translucent pages
The weight of the paper is 85 gsm.
Paper is translucent 
The cover of the pad is yellow
Suitable for alcohol/spirit-based inks, watercolours, and acrylics.
Yupo® is 100% tree-free and fully recyclable, as the waste can be reclaimed as resin.